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"Those who win are never to forgive. What they forgive – they never win… "

-Vince Lombardi-

"Good marketing makes the company look like a bestrych guest. Great marketing makes the customer feel like a savvy dude. "

-Joe Chernov-

"The real selling art is to give customers answers to questions they didn't ask.

-Maciej Kielan-

"Work is the result of external necessity. Creativity is the result of internal necessity. Before every person stands a choice – Create or only work.

-Bolesław Piasecki-

"A reasonable man adapts to the world. An unwise man tries to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, great progress is made through unwise people. "

-Shaw George B.-

"Traders feel the pressure to fill the leadership positions of industry experts. Their experience can prove to be a disadvantage, because they think about business as much as everyone in the industry. "

-Blake Mycoskie-

"Traditional marketing doesn't die – he's already dead!… Old-fashioned Marketing is just as dead as Elvis. "

-Sergio Zyman "The End of Marketing as We Know It"-

"Running a business without advertising is like letting the eye go to a girl in the dark. Nobody else knows what we're doing "

-Henderson Stuart-

"If you have more cash than your brain, focus on outbound marketing.

If you have more brains than cash, take the inbound marketing. "

-Guy Kawasaki-